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Knobbie Things

Show us your hip bones!

Hip Bone Love
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the Knobbie Things Livejournal. This community was created by rachelella and literfairy, for the specific purpose of adoring hip bones.

This is a community for the posting of pictures. We want to see your knobbie things {aka hip bones}! Everyone is allowed to post, once you are a member. However misbehavior or inappropriate conduct will get you baned.

Please share your love of hip bones. Enjoy!

1. If you post more than two pictures or a large picture, use lj-cut.
2. No inappropriate comments about other people's hip bones. All hip bones are beautiful, but feel free to be honest as long as you use tact.
3. Any nude or pornographic pictures are greatly appreciated behind an lj-cut and warning. No one under 18 should view these links.
4. No trolls allowed.


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